Challenge #3 - All about you!

This challenge won't be physical whatsoever, yay!

The T3 is a not only a trial for our current and aspiring members, but also a celebration of them.  We strongly believe in getting stronger every day and this event aims to be the embodiment of that.  So what challenge #3 consists of is simple... tell us about yourself!  Here are some good talking points:

  • What was your hardest event to date?
  • Kind of tying into the first question, but what was your biggest struggle you've overcome?
  • What do you expect to get out of the T3?
  • How did you hear about this team, and what do you expect from it?
  • What are your goals after this?
  • Why do you do this?  (I'm sure you've been asked this hundreds of times by now)

Now, you don't want to give short answers as if you're answering a survey obviously.  Just be yourself and have fun!  Those who do this (there's no due date) will get a quick and easy point!

Also, anybody who registers from now until December 17th will automatically enter the T3 with three points :)