Challenge #5 - Gimme 100!

Good ol' running is super important to become a regiment elite. That's why multiple pregame challenges typically involve running (in the heat of the summer, no less).  That's why challenge #5 will demand more of said running.  This time, there is no order to the runs. We're just looking for pure quantity here. Here's how it's gonna go down:


 • Each person can submit up to two non-treadmill runs. 

• Run must be faster than 10:30/MI

• Runs must be submitted in a single post/comment thread in the Facebook event page. 

• All of the runs must eventually total up to 100 miles. 

• Failure to reach 100 by Sunday at 10pm removes 1 point from everyone.  

• Completion results in 1 point earned for everyone.  



That's all!  Have fun and stay hydrated and safe in this oppressive heat!