Challenge 7 - Channeling your energy

April 16th class - 

Since your torture is only a week away, you should be getting ready.  To those who'd like to get extra credit, now is your chance.  

  • Muddy Brute is tomorrow, and each lap you run will earn you 1 point.  
  • If you want to earn another point, you must get a video of you doing 25 eight count bodybuilders at the venue.
  • Post the video anywhere you want, so long as Neil or Team Regiment get tagged in it.
  • If more than 20 collective points are earned by these methods, you will be given your mandatory gear list email 2 days earlier than usual.  You may want to get this done, since there is a lot of prep work that needs to be completed.  This means you'd get the mandatory gear list Monday night instead of Wednesday night!
  • Challenge submissions are due Saturday night at 11:59pm.  Better not forget to post your videos..


April 30th class - 

You still have time to get your affairs in order.  The good side to this challenge is that you may help your April 16th friends!  The bad news is that there are no points for your class in this challenge.  You may complete any of the Muddy Brute challenges as you see fit, however your points that you'd earn goes directly into the April 16th point pot.