If you're going to be doing any event with the word 'Spartan' in it, chances are you have to be well adapted at doing burpees.  Since this is tailored on training people for all kinds of endurance events, we shall now commence with the burpees!  This challenge is super simple.  Here is what you'll be doing:


You have one minute to perform the burpees.  Within that minute, you can earn the following:

  • 0-9 burpees - 0 points.  I mean.. c'mon
  • 10-20 burpees - 1 point
  • 21-25 burpees - 2 points
  • 26-28 burpees - 3 points
  • 28+ burpees - 4 points
  • Due date is 11:59pm on the 20th of March.
  • Have your video made at an OCR event (or MoaT) and earn 1 additional point

Pretty simple, right?