Challenge 1 - Winter Burpees

Happy Holidays!  

Now get ready for the T3.

Your first optional challenge is burpees.  The first challenges typically yield a treasure trove of points, so you definitely want to get in on this if you an.  Just make sure the camera doesn't fall down as you're filming it!

Challenge 1

Here are your rules:

  • You have 1 minute to complete as many burpees as possible.
  • Get more than 15 burpees, and earn a point
  • Get more than 20 burpees, and earn two.
  • Anything above 25 earns you three points.
  • Do it in temperatures below 65 degrees earns you another point.
  • Do it while soaking wet earns you another point.
  • Make sure you tag Neil in your video submission!
  • Challenge expires January 2nd at noon.