Challenge #8 - Can you read?

Another day, another challenge.  This challenge is going to be quite different from the rest, simply because it's not so much of a challenge than a mandatory gear list.  This challenge is due at 0730 on the 4th of April.  So here we go:

The individual must bring:

  • A rucksack/vest/backpack containing no less than 16% bodyweight
  • A source of hydration (it will be hot out).  Water/Gatorade will be available at the checkpoint for refill
  • A source of nutrition, you can have this on you or you can have it at the checkpoint.  The T3 staff will have nutrition for you, but if you have your own special preference you're welcome to bring it.
  • Emergency contact information present on you at all times.  It will be hot out and it's very possible that you may succumb to heat exhaustion if you're not careful.
  • A signed waiver ready to be turned in at 0730 when the event begins.  Use the 'contact us' section of this website to send in your request for the waiver, or get it from somebody who has already gotten one.  You're smart, figure it out.
  • One headlamp.

As a collective whole, the team must have the following by 0730 on Saturday:

  • Six (6) five gallon buckets
  • A picture of Gary Busey, signed by every member of the team.  The crazier the picture, the better
  • One soccer ball (or futbol, for you FIFA purists)
  • The best attitude you can possibly muster up for what's about to befall you.

Though the event begins at 0730, it is recommended you are present five minutes prior to its start.  For every five minutes that ONE member if the team is late, the entire team will have to do 50 burpees each.  Also there will be an optional pre-game 'warmup' event beginning at 0645 at the starting location.  Those who show up to this may have something good or bad happen to them, depending on your luck.


EDIT - it might be wise to bring gloves. You don't want to slice your hands up if you're stacking a bunch of heavy rocks.