Challenge #4 - Time Travel

As of 8:13pm Wednesday, the class size has grown to 15!  Woo hoo!  In other news, it's time for another challenge.

If the single-universe theory holds true, time travel in reverse is impossible unless a mass-less object can surpass the speed of light.  Let's say this were possible, and we've gone back to the year 1985.  Let's also say that in our imaginary world it were only possible to travel back to your rightful time of 2015 through eight-count bodybuilders!  If you're following on the math, that's 30 long years that one must travel to get back to our rightful era.  In this challenge, you must successfully travel back to 2015 through the completion of eight count bodybuilders in the following fashion:

  • Your video submission must have a song from 1985 playing loudly in the background.
  • After every completion of your eight-count, you must count to the next year.  So you'd say "1986" after your first bodybuilder, then "1987"... etc.  
  • You must complete this time travel process in under 2 minutes and 55 seconds, or you will be forever locked into the year you last declared.   You will also fail the challenge.
  • Completion of this challenge before 10pm Friday March 21 2015 will result in you earning 1 burpee point.  
  • Yes, I was drinking when I issued this challenge.

Some of you are confused as to what an eight count is, so here is a video of a person doing two of them: