Challenge 2 and 3 and bad perks

A lot of updates, with little access to a computer to provide said updates (sorry).

Challenge 2 and 3 have been issued out to the team, and they are slowly but surely being completed.  Here is the rundown of each challenge:

Challenge 2

  • 30 pushups with 20% BW in a ruck, 1 point
  • Due 10pm, Wednesday

Challenge 3

  • 6 mile run, 1 point
  • All mile splits +/-15s of the first mile, 1 additional point
  • Run done on the beach, 1 additional point
  • Due 10pm, Thursday

The team has also chosen to remove Heavy Burden and Silenced from their list of bad perks.  In case they're reading this, another bad perk will be removed (their choice) if the class size reaches 15 by 11:59pm this Friday.  This shouldn't be too difficult considering the amount of people who have been doing these challenges already that have yet to register.