Several new perks unlocked today.

I got the word that the team wants to unlock 4 perks.  Swift feet,  swifter feet,  knowledge is power and easy cards.  Good choices on all 4. Swift feet will decrease the teams total time by 1 minute thus saving you a lot of burpees, if you miss the set time hack.  Swifter feet will allow 1 persons time to not be counted against your time hack.  This person must be chosen before the run and they must finish the run for it to count. Knowledge Is power is a great boost this time around.  I am not like Neil and have issues with this part but knowing the subjects this time will be very beneficial and I will reveal them in a post after this one. Easy cards has also been purchased. As a reward I will remove the card game in its entirety. Unless you all just want to play in hopes to pull that joker in me. So good choices on perks and there is still some time left to get some more points and unlock more perks.