Challenge 12 or challenge 1 part 2

Round 2 is here.  I know some of you were wondering why I was choosing easy weights and having easy or no time hacks. Well here is to reason.  Let's make them all a little harder this round.  We start with the 5 mile ruck march.  Tere is still not going to be a time hack and you should have 10% bodyweight in your ruck. But this time you must also carry 10% bodyweight.  You can carry anything you want but it can not have a strap or a handle. Tires, buckets without handles, plates without holes,  box of bricks and cinderblocks are OK but no laptop bags or 2nd ruck sacks worn on your chest. I carried a 20lb box of bricks for 6 miles with my 26lb ruck. Item must be carried,  not drug or rolled.  Try to keep it up the entire time,  remember this is all practice for   the T3. The better you do now the easier it will be then.  Good luck

Just like the first time there is no due date,  but you will not be able to accumalate any more points till its done. This is the core of T3 so you must be prepared to do this for long distances. I will continue to track any further challenges points but will not add them on till this challenge is done. 

Bonus. Just like last time if you run a mud run ( at least 4.3 miles) with at least a 10 lbs ruck and a 10 lbs item,  I will take this as credit. If the mud run is shorter than 4.3 walk around the Mudrunfun tent till you get the distance.