Challenge 13- ruck pushups

It's been quiet around here,  I know everybody had busy weekends with different races.  So now we get back to basics.  Ruck push-ups.  We are moving the weight up but I'm giving you more time to get to your previous number.  The weight will be 15% body weight and you will go for 1.5 minutes.  The key is to keep going.  Any video attempting the push-ups will get a point.  To get an extra point you must complete 2 of these 3 requirements. 1-stay off your knees and keep attempting push-ups,  2 - beat your previous score or 3- beat my score.  IIf you can do all 3 - 2 bonus points. 200 total push-ups will unlock another perk for purchase. 

If you did not do the previous push up challenge you must beat my number to get bonus point, and you are not eligible for 2nd bonus point,  but you can still do the previous challenge for 1/2 credit. 


You have until November 24th to complete this challenge.