Things are wrapping up. Time for another challenge.

Those who are in the T3 BUD/S class should be tapering off this week from any intense workouts while stuffing their faces with plenty of nutrition.  Therefore this last challenge will be more teamwork oriented than anything else.  So let's make something together.  Here is what the class must now do:

  • Ten people must bring a part of a drawing that they have created to the T3.
  • This drawing must combine together to form a single image.
  • Each individual drawing canvas must be on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper.
  • Drawing can mosaic together in any way the team likes.
  • Paper may overlap another paper up to one inch.
  • Reward for completion is removal of the last bad perk, or the unlocking of one random good perk (team chooses the reward immediately before the T3 begins).

The cadre may have infiltrated the secret Facebook group that the team has created, so his confidence in the team's ability to create this grand drawing is boundless.