Challenge #6 - Media Challenge

This next challenge might seem a little unorthodox, but there is a method to its madness.  In major events such as the Spartan Death Race, contestants must go through a lot of pre-race prep.  One such task is to get their story placed on to some kind of media website, be it anywhere from a major news site (unlikely) to a team's website or runner's blog.  This challenge is important to do because it not only helps legitimize your journey to this event, but it also helps get the word out to any others who are lingering on the razor's edge between signing up for a super endurance event and watching it from the sidelines.  So, what exactly will your media challenge be?  Well, this one is a challenge that you get to go through on your own terms:

  • Cannot be a simple social media post.  Sorry, gotta put some effort into this one.
  • Be creative!  Tell your story leading up to this event.  How you're training for it, what this means to you, etc.  Videos are very nice.
  • Story must link to the Regiment website so that those curious about the event can learn more
  • Be sure to mention the BattleFrog series and their contribution to this event (You know, the two BUD/S instructors that will be administering your pain).
  • Must complete your media challenge no later than 3:00pm Friday, November 28th.
  • No penalty for not doing this challenge.  Some of you don't have the time/personality to tell the world about yourself.
  • Once your media challenge is posted, be sure to alert instructor Neil or you can directly contact the team.
  • If your story is posted, congrats!  You earn 4 (Four!!) burpee points.