Challenge #4 - How well can you count?

This challenge is going to be pretty tough to do.  We've seen our class conquer the last 3 challenges as a means of warming up, so let's consider this one the first real challenge that demands teamwork and performance.  The team currently consists of 15 registrants, each of which will have to count.... to 15.  Here are the rules.

  • One person in the team must run one mile, log it via GPS or whatever method proves that you ran.
  • The next person must run two miles in the same manner.  Then another must run three... up until the last person runs 15 miles.
  • Once you have submitted your run, you're done.  You can't do another run.
  • If anybody registers while this challenge is live, they can participate in this challenge without bumping the number of participants over 15.  Effectively exempting a person from this challenge.  If you haven't registered yet, your team will greatly appreciate you doing it now.
  • Since we count in a sequence, these runs must be submitted in order.  You can count backwards or forwards, but it must be in order.
  • Challenge is due 11:59pm on November 7th.
  • Count 12/15 - one bad perk is removed.
  • Count 15/15 - another bad perk is removed.
  • Failure complete less than 10/15 results in -1 point for the entire team.
  • For 10 points, the team can buy out one person's participation in the challenge.
  • Complete 15/15 before 11:59pm on November 5th and the team earns 1 point in addition to everything else.

That is all.  Good luck.