Challenge #5 - Hooked on phonics

Challenge four proved that the T3 BUD/S class knows how to count, now it's time to see if they can spell. This challenge will require each teammate to run a recorded path.  Each path will form a letter that will spell out a word of their choice.  Fun, right?  Let's get to their rules:

1) like the last challenge, only one letter per person can be submitted.  Once you run your route, you're done.  

2) Each letter must be no less than three miles long

3) Plan your route well, because you have to complete your letter at 10:45/mi or less or it won't count! 

4) The final word must be submitted no later than 12:01pm November 17th.  

5) Somebody outside of the registered class may participate, but if they aren't paid and registered before the T3 begins one random bad perk will be re-enabled prior to the T3.

6) Failure to complete a word will result in -1 burpee point for each person on the team.  

7) if the word has 6 or more letters, no penalty.  

8) 8+ letters, +1 point for everyone

9) 11+ letters, one bad perk removed in addition to previous rewards. 

10) 15+ letters, one additional bad perk removed.