14 hours until challenge 1 expires

The class has responded well to their challenge. Some who have not registered have done the challenge at the promise of having their points retroactively added to their name as soon as they're officially in. Those still hovering along the fence line will later discover that if they continue to hang on to indecision and procrastination, those precious points will begin to decay.  That is another concern for another time however.  Over half of the class so far have completed their challenge, which is a trend that will hopefully continue. There are about ten people who have yet to register, but have given their word that they will be at the T3.  We've seen it all before, though.  Actions speak louder than words. Anybody can say they're doing the T3. Hell, you can type it out in less than two seconds. 

Two seconds of typing is a lot easier than 12-14 hours of suffering, though. Nobody will remember the excuse posts that people will inevitably post prior to the event once the spotlight has shined on the finishers of this event.  You guys got this.