Team Regiment at the Death Race - Wil

It’s that time again for another athlete highlight! If you haven’t been acquainted with Wil, he was that guy at GORUCK Selection that was smiling!


Q: Have you ever done any events similar in length and difficulty before?

A: I've done a double heavy with GORUCK that was 48 hr. made a attempt at selection, I've run 100 miles. But this I know will be a unique experience.

Q: What do you think your strength is for this event?

A: Strengths, well really not sure. I know everything will be a challenge in the beginning but as the days go on and the hours tick by you just have to keep moving and just let the want to be there and experience the death race will be a diving factor.

A: Weakness, the training for the event. The not knowing what is waiting for you. It's not like a running event where you know the miles, you know the time you just have to go make it happen.

Just go put in work, cover the miles. keep moving is usually the plan. But the death race throws in a lot more mindfuckery     

Q: What brought you to this event?

A: I've looked at this event for a long time never really had the push to sign up. Then it went away, then watching Neil Murphy last year gave new drive to wanting to compete in it this year. And to have the opportunity to be a partner with him in this years DR is epic.

Q: Who is your teammate ?

A: The one and only Neil Murphy, really and truly the only person I would want to do a endurance event like this with. The only name that comes to mind when I think of someone who I would want to be beside working and pushing each other past the point of self preservation.


Q: Do you and teammate have any unique strategy?


Q: What was the most difficult event leading up to the DR?

A: Goruck Selection, when I think back its not the event that's the hard part, yes its hard, yes there is a lot of work. But its your own mind that you have to deal with.

Q: What is your WHY for the DR?

A: There are a lot of WHYs for this event. But the one that stands out the most is camaraderie and building relationships with people that can only understand cause they were there. they endured they crawled, cried and dragged themselves back up to keep moving.

I look at the DR as a event you don't just decide one weekend I'm going to go do off the couch you have to really want it.

To be in the backwoods of Vermont.

Because it's the DR. it's like the Super Bowl.

Because I have someone that I know is more committed than anyone out there for a partner. 

Q: Do you have any other big events after the DR?

A: I have my eye on a couple events but right now they’re top secret .