Please welcome our new Regiment Elites!

Last night, legends were born!

After 14 hours of swimming, water PT, heavy lifting, running in the insane heat, WODs, more heavy lifting, bear crawl soccer, being harassed by a power-tripping psycho, Yahtzee, blindfolded shenanigans and a ton of team-oriented challenges, ten people ended the night in the exact location that our team was founded on almost ten years ago! Everyone had moments of strength when others were having their moments of weakness, only to have their positions switched around at the next challenge. It was a perspective-shifting experience that brought tears to some eyes and smiles to everyone’s face. Not many people can do what they did last night, and that’s what our team is all about!

Congratulations to our new and returning Regiment Elites! You make us all so proud!

You can find the route taken here. And the live updates of the event were chronicled here!