Hello, new folks! Here is how you can join us


We’ve noticed that our page has gotten a lot more visits lately, so it’d be nice to guide some of you all on how/where to work out with us.

For one, you can like our facebook page here or follow us on Instagram at @team_regiment

If you’re interested in joining our free ruck/run/ocr meetups, simply request an invite to our Facebook group page and you’ll see multiple locations across Florida for people to meet up and train. Can’t find your location? Use our group to promote your meetup, so long as it’s free!

And of course, everybody is welcome to join our club on Strava.

About 2-3 times a year we host our team’s signature event, the T3. We’d tell you more, but chances are you’re reading this post in the midst of a bunch of other T3 posts, so we’ll let you do the discovery of that at your own leisure.