Team Regiment is blasting off again

It's so hard to keep up with the insane endurance events that our elites are undergoing every single weekend, but the last week has been extra special.  Elites Carey and Heidi braved the insanity known as the Infinitus out in the green wilderness of Vermont last week.  This weekend, a whole other slew of Elites/crazies will be coming out to Vermont once again, but for the Spartan Agoge.  Matt Dolitsky and Mark Wing will be representing the red R out there, so wish them luck!  Back in our home state of Florida in the same weekend, Elites Kaitlyn, Heidi and Leslie will be undergoing a similar long trial of pain known as the GORUCK HTL.  Will all of our Elites reach their goals this weekend?  We'll keep you updated with their progress as the weekend rolls by.  Either way, these are the kinds of winners that'd rather live a life of "oh well" instead of "what if"!