NAME:  Neil Murphy

OCCUPATION:  Electrical Engineer and Founder of Team Regiment

TEAM:  Team Regiment, MudRunFun, AZN Armour

T3(s) COMPLETED:  Participated in 8, cadre for 10.

LESSON LEARNED FROM THE T3:  This is much harder than the Tough Mudder that this was originally designed to train us for…


FAVORITE MOTTO:  Feel the pain of discipline, or feel the pain of regret.


Age:  33
Height:  6’3”
Weight:  190


Masters of all Terrain ruck division -

Half Marathon:

  • 1st place overall (five times)
  • 2nd place overall (three times)


  • 1st place overall (two times)
  • 2nd place overall


  • 2014 1st place overall.. but only two actually made it to the end, though :) 
  • 2015 finisher (three managed to finish that year!)

Camaraderie foundation ruck march 2013 - 1st place
Camaraderie foundation ruck march 2012 - 1st place unofficial

RoA Extreme Intimidator '14 - 3rd place AG

Desafaio 10k - 2nd place AG

Moss Park Forest run 5K + 10k - 2nd overall

Miami BattleFrog Extreme  - 2nd overall (Feb 2015), 6th overall (Nov 2015)

RoA Superhero Scramble Intimidator 2014 - 2nd overall (open)

World's Toughest Mudder 2014 - 7 laps

GORUCK Tough (too many to count)

Vermont Spartan Ultra Beast 2015 finisher - 13:05:45

Lake Tahoe Spartan Ultra Beast 2016 finisher - 10:45:45

Vermont Spartan Ultra Beast 2017 finisher - 12:06:00

Georgia Death Race (75mi ultra) finisher - 23:06:00

World's Toughest Mudder 2017 - 10 laps

GORUCK Heavy - Jan 18 2018

Spartan Death Race 2018 - DNF at 48 hours (non-voluntary withdrawl)


INTERESTS:  Gaming, aikido, poker, eSports commentary, video editing, broadcasting, acting

SPONSORS:  Honey Stinger, Salming North America

Spartan Death Race - Finish
Finish the Killington UltraBeast in 10 hours or less.
Infinitus 100 miler