Name: Marianne Maguire

Gender: Female

Age: 43

Height: 5'3'"

Weight: 120

Current Location: St. Augustine

Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor & Bookkeeper

Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA

Team Affiliation(s): MudRunFun

T3s completed: 13 July 2013 - T3 class TRX

Lesson learned from the T3: You can always learn from you weaknesses. Challenges are essential to personal growth and development. The T3 was very humbling and also taught me the importance of teamwork.

Win any awards? If so, let us know!: See race/event list.

Hobbies and Interests: Obstacle Course Racing, Tae Kwon Do, Art: Painting (oils/acrylics), Genealogy

Goals: Continue racing through 2014. Earn my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Enter physique body building competitions in the Spring of 2015.

Events run in the past: 2014 Completed Races/Events:

1. Superhero Scramble (8+ OCR) Jan 11th (Miami, FL) 6th Age (OCR world Champ Qualifier)
2. Matanzas 5000 (5k) Jan 25th (St. Aug) (Time: 24:48 PR!)
3. Warrior Dash (5k) Feb 1st (Lake Wales, FL) 5th OA F (WD World Champ Qualifier)
4. Ragnar Relay (198mi) Feb 7-8th (Miami-Key West) 371 MudRunRagnarFun 33:39:17.8
5. Special Ops Spartan Sprint (4+ OCR) Feb 15th (Tampa, FL) (Time: 59:45) *6th in age (OCR world Champ Qualifier)

2013 Completed Races/Events:

1. Unified TaeKwonDo Tournament - Feb 2nd (Ormond Beach, FL) *3rd in sparring
2. Rugged Maniac (5k OCR) - Feb 16th (Waldo, FL) - (Time: 39:34) *2nd in age
3. Lighthouse Run (5k) - Mar 2nd (St. Aug) - (Time: 28:05) *5th in age
4. Spring-4-A-Cure (5K) - Mar 16th (St. Aug) - (Time: 28:55) *2nd in age
5. MuckFest (5 mile OCR) - Mar 23rd (Jacksonville, FL) - (Time: 58:16) *3rd in age
6. Spud Run & Cabbage Crawl (5K) - Apr 6th (Hastings, FL) - (Time: 28:03 PR) *2nd AG
7. Tap 'n Run (2.5 mi) Apr 13th (Jacksonville, FL) - (Time: 22:07:04) *3rd in age
8. Monster Challenges (4 mi OCR) Apr 20th (Clermont, FL) (Time: 54:03) *1st in age
9. Swamp Dash & Bash (4 mi OCR ) Apr 27 (Alachua, FL) (Time: 58:33) *1st in age
10. Yakathon (1m yak/7.51m Bk/4.28m Rn) May 4 (Winter Garden) (Time: 2:06) *2nd AG
11. FL.Roc (4 mile OCR) May 11th (Bunnell, FL) (Time: 53:49) *2nd in age (2/76)
12. Tough Mudder (12 mile) May 18th (Palatka, FL) With Tire
13. Masters of All Terrain (1/2 Marathon) Jun 1st (Mt. Dora, FL) w/ruck
14. Dirt in Your Skirt 13-in-13 Challenge
15. Black Belt Evals Jun 3rd (Baseline:44/1m Push-ups,62/1m Sit-ups,24/1m Burpees)
16. Beat The Gauntlet - 3mi Jun 8th (Fellsmere, FL) 9 AM
17. Superhero Scramble (10+ mi OCR) Jun 29th (Winnsboro, SC) Superman Walks
18. T3 (13 hrs, 18.72m team-build endurance ruck, Jul 13th (Orlando) 3:42pm-4:30am
19. Bridge of Lions (5K) Jul 27th (St. Augustine, FL) (Time: 28:53) Birthday Run
20. Jedi Virtual Run (5K) July 28th (St. Aug, FL) (Time: 28:00 PR) Bridge of Lions Re-Do
21. Hog Wild 18 Holes (4+ mi OCR) Aug 3rd (Tampa, FL)
22. Keepers of The Coast Fitness Challenge (5K) Aug 10th (St. Aug, FL) 1st Place Overall
23. Drenched 5k (5K) Aug 11th (Jacksonville, FL) With my son Jack
24. Red Solo 4k (2.48 mi) Aug 17th (Port Orange, FL) (Time: 20:25/8:12 pace) *1st age
25. Fit2Run Cross Country (5K) Aug 23rd (Gainesville, FL) (Time: 27:00 PR 8:39) *1st age
26. Battle Dash (Rock On Adventures) Sun, Aug 25th (Winter Garden, FL) (DNF)
27. Trails, Bales, and Rodeos (5K) Aug 31 (Bunnell, FL) (Time: 26:28 PR) *2nd age
28. Global Mission (5k) Sept 2nd (Palm Coast, FL) (Time: 26:17:08 PR)
29. Dirt in Your Skirt 100m Challenge (Memorial Day - Labor Day)
30. Hog Wild Mud Run (3+ mi OCR) Sept 7th (Tampa, FL) (Time: 1:03:50) *3rd age
31. Monster Challenges (4 mi OCR) Sept 14th (Clermont, FL) *2nd age
32. Pink Up The Pace (5k) Oct 5th (St. Aug) *5th age (Time: 25:44:03 PR!)
33. Survivor Mud Run (5k OCR) Oct 5th (Bunnell, FL) *3rd age
34. Black Belt Evals, Oct 7th (NFMA) no fitness challenge
35. Armageddon Ambush (5k OCR) Oct 12th (Clermont, FL) *5th F overall
36. ROMP in The Swamp (5k OCR) Oct 12th (Plant City, FL) *1st age
37. Savage Race (7.1 mi OCR) Oct 19th (Dade City, FL) *1st age
38. FL.Roc (4min OCR) Oct 26th (Bunnell, FL) *2nd age
39. Spartan Beast (13+ mi OCR) Nov 9th (Winnsboro, SC)
40. Superhero Scramble (5 mi OCR) Nov 16th (Waldo, FL) *1st age/2nd OA-F/23rd OA
41. St. Augustine Half Marathon (13.1) Nov 17th (St. Aug) (Time: 2:21:40 PR)
42. Run For Futures (5K) Nov 23rd (Daytona Beach, FL) *1st age (Time: 25:42 PR!)
43. Gingerbread Man (5K) Dec 7th (St. Aug) *1st age (Time: 25:22 PR!)
44. Santa Suits on the Loose (5K) Dec 14th (St. Aug) (Time: Me-36:23/Jack-36:24 PR)
45. Last Gasp (5K X-Country) Dec 21st (Jacksonville Univ) *1st age (Time: 25:19 PR!)

2012 Races/Events Completed:

1. TKD Tournament - Jan 25th (NFMA) - 1st in Forms / 2nd in Weapons
2. Rugged Maniac Obstacle Run (5K) Feb 25th (Waldo, FL) - (Time: 44:50)
3. Lighthouse 5k (5K) Mar 17th (St. Aug) - (Time: 30:36) *4th in age
4. Spring-4-A-Cure (5K) Mar 24th (St. Aug) - (Time: 30:42) *1st in age
5. Warrior Dash Obstacle Run (5k) Mar 31 (Live Oak, FL) - (Time: 33:12)
6. Law Enforcement Tourch Run for Special Olympics Apr 6 (Not Timed)
7. FL.Roc Obstacle Run (3.5 mi / 30+ Obstacles) Aug 18 (Jax) - (Time: 49:41) *1st age
8. Survivor Obstacle MudRun (5K) Oct 13th (Bunnell, FL) - (Time: 43:20) *2nd in age
9. Hero Rush Obstacle Run (3.7 mi)

Favorite Quote: Life is Good ~ Make it So!

Profile Image URL: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=570041803080046&set=t.100002226947422&type=3&theater