Name: Jillian Nicole

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Height: 5'10


Current Location: Orlando

Occupation: Race Manager BattleFrog Series

Birthplace: Long Island, NY

Team Affiliation(s): MudRunFun

T3s completed: "Any of the three T3 classics before the others below", "12 November 2012 - T3 Classic", "28 June 2014 - T3 Beached - St. Augustine"

Lesson learned from the T3: I have learned that it is all mind over matter. I hate the cold with every ounce of my body but once I set my eyes on the Red R Patch I wanted at the end, I rolled around in the water and mud happily. Ok, maybe not happily, but I still did it!

Win any awards? If so, let us know!: 3rd place AG Hogwild
3rd Place AG Romp The Swamp
1st Place AG Mud Endeavor Halloween Under the Lights
1st place AG Navy SEAL Museum Beach 5k

Hobbies and Interests: Mudruns

Goals: To stay injury free throughout my crazy adventures!

Events run in the past: To make this easier:
over 100 Mudruns
Four 5K's
One 13.1
Three T3's
A few rucks with Tampa GoRuck