Time to go over people's quotes.

People are going over their quotes now and why it's important. Then they hand in their card to the instructor. Hope they remember it...

Because they gotta receite it towards the end of the lap.  


Each correct answer let's the team throw the football twice, to move back to Anastasia. Incorrect answers means they cover the distance of one of Neil's throws with some kind of torturous exercise. They've only missed 2, so far.


Numbers have been given

Each candidate has been given a sequence of eight numbers that they must recite later on. For now they walk back up to the park, but with a catch. 

They throw a football towards the park, and they walk that distance. They then answer a trivia question where the ball lands. Get it right, and they throw the ball and walk that distance.  

Get it wrong, and the instructor throws the ball and the team does lunges or carries towards the ball where they're going to answer the next question. 


And on until they go 0.6 miles to the park where they'll be prompted to receite their numbers.  

They didn't do a card game for lap two, so they're doing it now. 


Next task

Winning team finished in 6:40. Now they must do the same relay, but as a single team, and under double the time that the winning team ran it at. 

If they do it, they can ditch the sandbags for lap four.  


Lets see if people perform better when given the proper reward!