Name: Haidar Hachem

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: 6'2

Weight: 215

Current Location: Miami, FL

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Birthplace: Miami, FL

Team Affiliation(s): MudRunFun, Regiment, Regiment Elite, Karma Athletes, CornFed Spartans, New England Spahtens, Azn Armour, Team SISU, Weeple Army, EATA Nation, Diablos RC, GRC 744, GRL 170, X1 Audio

T3s completed: 28 September 2013 - St. Augustine

Lesson learned from the T3: No matter how badass you are, you will not finish by yourself, team work and camaraderie is essential.

Win any awards? If so, let us know!: Worst Costume- Mud Mingle
3rd Place fat tire division- Mack Cycle Trilogy Triathlon

Hobbies and Interests: Running, OCRs, Crossfit, Designing, Video Games, Music, Cooking, Traveling, Adventures, Meeting new people

Goals: Just to continue to push harder and get stronger every single day. I've hit some big road bumps in my life, but I won't let those define me or stop me.

Events run in the past: 2012:
-Merrells Down and Dirty Mud Run (Miami, FL)
-Mud Dogs Mud Run (Miami, FL)
-Color Run (Miami, FL)
-Zombie Land Run (Miami, FL)
-Glow Run (Miami, FL)
-Warrior Dash (Miami, FL)
-Run For Your Lives (Orlando, FL)
-Turkey Trot (Miami, FL)
-Sparfit Challenge (Miami, FL)

-Superhero Scramble (Charger Edition) (Miami, FL)
-Armageddon Ambush (Miami, FL)
-Immortal Dash (Miami, FL)
-Foam Fest (Miami, FL)
-Spartan Race (Super Edition) (Miami, FL)
-Tough Mudder (Miami, FL)
-Spartan Race (Sprint Edition) (North Carolina)
-The Challenge Run (Miami, FL)
(Post Radiation Treatment)
-Beach Beast (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
-Savage Race (Central FL)
-Badass Bash (Punta Gorda, FL)
-Mud Mingle (Miami, FL)
-Run For Your Lives (Miami, FL)
-Disney Race Expedition Everest (Orlando, FL)
-Armageddon Ambush (Miami, FL)
-Superhero Scramble (Intimidator Edition) (Central FL)
-Rock On Adventures Extreme Intimidator (Central FL)
-Rock On Adventures Battle Dash (Central FL)
-Mack Cycle Trilogy Triathlon (Miami, FL)
-Spartan Race (Beast Edition) (Monterey, CA)
-GoRuck Challenge (Heavy Edition) (Miami, FL)
-Hog Wild 5 (Central FL)
-Lifes A Beach Triathlon (Sarasota, FL)
-Backwoods Challenge (Central FL)
-Monster Challenges (Central FL)
-Rock On Adventures Highlander 5 (Central FL)
-Regiment T3 Challenge (Central FL)
-Disney Race Tower Of Terror 10-Miler (Orlando, FL)
-Romp In The Swamp (Central FL)
-Savage Race (Central FL)
-Mud Mingle (Miami, FL)
-Spartan Training Workout (Tampa, FL)
-Disney Race Wine & Dine Half Marathon (Orlando, FL)
-Ultimate Titan Obstacle Course Race (Miami, FL)
-Electric Run (Miami, FL)
-Ego Ruck Challenge (Miami, FL)
-Turkey Trot (Miami, FL)
-Tap N Run (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
-The Challenge 2.0 (Miami, FL)
-Spartan Training Working (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


-Superhero Scramble-Villain (Deerfield Beach, FL)
-GoRuck Light (Miami Beach, FL)
-ING Haf Marathon (Miami, FL)
-Fuego Y Agua 50k (Ometepe Island, Nicaragua)
-Spartan Sprint (Tampa, FL)


Favorite Quote: Push it, push it real good.