Good luck to our three Elites taking on the Spartan Death Race!

It's obviously been a bit quiet around here!  That doesn't mean that our team has been busy at many events doing many above-and-beyond tasks.  Just now for instance, five of our members absolutely CRUSHED the GORUCK Independence day Tough and are now pursuing completing the Light as we speak.

But let's talk about next week.

Next week is the Spartan Death Race.


To those who remember way back, Matt D and Carey D took on the Death Race multiple times until the event supposedly ceased to exist in 2015.  Well, in 2018 they brought it back with a few sinister twists.  This time, we've got three of our team's Elites going out to Vermont next week to attempt what Spartan says is impossible.  Any media coverage of the event will be limited, but follow hashtag #PeakDR on Facebook and Instagram for any fragments of information that get put out there.  The event begins Wednesday the 11th at 10pm and is slated to conclude sometime Sunday.